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Click on a track to hear a 30 second sample of Jolie's upcoming album: Little Kisses!
JOLIE JONES: little kisses
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Produced by Richard Barone

"We want to acknowledge and thank from the bottom of our hearts  the sanctuary of Gibson Guitars in NYC at the legendary Hit Factory, where most of the album was written and also rehearsed. The energy in that place is magic...and so are Josh, Shanon and all the others there who gave us a safe place to open our hearts!"

Special appearance by Rubén Flores in the Dubway Boys Choir.

Thanks to Sean Patrick McLemore for his studio assistance.

I'd like to thank my Mom for coming to the playground  and my Dad for smiling and listening, Mary Berry for pushing us to put the playground on the map and Donovan for picking her.

Special little kisses go out to Richard Barone for believing there was a playground to build! 

Would also like to thank Bobby Bunny for hopping around it! Without you we wouldn't have been able to play!

Auntie Gloria for always pushing for excellence!!!

Paulinho for years of encouragement

Milton Katseles for making me do my thing!

Thank you Peggy Lee!


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