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Part of the prestigous Julie Andrew's collection at Harper Collins, this is Jolie Jones' first book. Illustrated by the very talented Julie Downing. Meant for the ages of 3-6. Jolie Jones and Julie Downing create a tender, heartwarming story that honors the loving relationship between a young child and her very best friend with fur.

Meet Bejinhos! Did you know that Bejinhos means little kisses in Brazil? Bejinhos and her Jolie like to go on walks up to the village and down to the bluffs so we can see all our friends.

Jolie reminds Bejinhos to never accept treats from strangers, to cross the street carefully, and to stay in the yard. Can heremember that those are the rules?

Look what people have been saying about the book!

  • "This is the sweetest book I have read in years. Every little girl needs little kisses and every little kiss needs a girl and I believe everybody needs this little book, young and old, male and female. When you read it, it will make you smile." -Maya Angelou
  • "With its charming story, enchanting illustrations and gentle wisdom, Little Kisses is a feel-good book... sure to delight anyone who has a 'friend with fur'. I am so proud to present Jolie Jones' debut as an author in the Julie Andrews Collection. We will certainly hear more from her." -Julie Andrews
  • "Little Kisses is a wonderful, warm story about a young girl who lovingly cares for her adorable dog, protecting and guiding him. This is a delightful book, with a strong positive message for growing children." Dr. Alain Poussaint, Child Psychologist, Harvard University

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